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Solid Cordz “2 Pack 10 Foot Extension Cords”


I live in a older home. When i say older i mean a home made in 1900.  So obviously the land lord being a rental has not made many upgrades to the home. I think old homes have charm, but not my home. This house only has one plug in each room. Don’t sound too bad till you need to plug something in. I hate having long extension cords for a small area. So i got the Solid Cordz “2 Pack 10 Foot Extension Cords”   . They were the perfect link to plug my lamps in. You don’t need an old home like me. It great just to run a plug to your night stand to plug electronics, phone etc. in to.


Solid Cordz “2 Pack 10 Foot Extension Cords” can be purchased on Amazon for $23.99. And they offer a “No questions asked Lifetime 100% money back guarantee!”  There cables are Fully Rated for 125 Volt/13 Amp applications. At 13 amp means that they are able to carry a power of 1560 watts. When i personally used them I have found these cords to stay cool at 10 amp anything above that they start to get warm. So was perfect for every day use. Cause i have used cords that get warm to hot after being plugged in for a while. This scares me and i wont use them.


The cords are thick. Nothing like if you bought a cheap card. They are 3 plug as shown above.

Good quality.

Back these are great. It is very hard to find short 3 plug cords at 6 or 10 ft. Most are 2 and you have to buy an adapter then they are a fire hazard.

Where to purchase?

Amazon: Solid Cordz “2 Pack 10 Foot Extension Cords”

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Daveliou “Paint Brushes” Review


I had the pleasure to review Daveliou “Paint Brushes”  They are a set of 24 brushes in a roll up holding case. They are great quality brushes for a cheap price! They are perfect for Acrylic Watercolor, Chalk, or Oil Art Detail. They are sold on Amazon for $14.55 sale at 70% off of $47.95. So don’t miss that great sale.


WOW!! I received my brushes and was amazed at the quality of these brushes. I have previously purchased cheap brush sets for about $15 and received 5-10 brushes of horrible quality. I must say I will go back to Daveliou if i need more brushes. The brush set costs less than $15 and came in a perfect shaped box which had a plastic tube incasing the paint brush case which included 24 brushes – a lot of brushes for the price!

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Think Fun ” Gravity Maze” Review


This is the third time i have reviewed a game from Think Fun. You can click on the links below to view my past reviews from them.

I have reviewed there: “Chocolate Fix” Sudoku style game.

I have reviewed there: “Square by Square” Board game

If your like me and want your kids to play educational games, but that are still fun? Well this is the company for you. I want my kids to say this game is really fun, nut as a mother know they are learning from the game as well.

This time i got the opportunity to review Think Fun “Gravity Maze” I would say this is my favorite so far but they seem to get better each time.

reviews 018

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Momma Bear “Baby Gender Reveal Kit” Review & Giveaway


Momma Bear “Baby Gender Reveal Kit” is a great option for many women who want to know the gender of there baby with out waitign for the doctor to tell us at our next month review. This is a easy to use at home kit. It is a early pregnancy gender kit that can tell you before a sono grab or doctor can.  Can be used as early as 6 weeks in to pregnancy. Again very easy to use. This a great optionbecause when i was prenet with my first the only way to tell early or if the doctor could not get a clear view the the private area, was they had to put a huge needle in to the baby fluid and test that. Crazy!!

  • Proven to be 100% ACCURATE about half the time. 😉 It’s quick, easy to use, and easy to understand. The clear test tube makes it as easy to read as a baby monitor display. The color chart indicates boy or girl requiring no subjective interpretation. It’s natural – no drugs or invasive devices and procedures.

They are sold on Amazon for $19.99 and in comes with a bonus second test tube set. For us eager woman that want to check early or test twice to make sure. Example i have seen women take 5-10 pregnancy test just to make sure they were pregnant. Plus they offer a money back guarantee.

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Piczzle “Photo Puzzles” Review & Giveaway


I just learned of a new company ” well new to me anyways” Piczzle “Photo Puzzles” They are a as you can guess from the name a company that makes photos in to puzzles, but not just plain puzzles, they also offer a wide selection.

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So i had the opportunity to request and review a “Picture Puzzle” of my choice. This was a offer i was willing to fight for. The moment i saw it i knew who’s picture i wanted. For those that don’t know i was very close to my dad. So it killed me when he passed from Cancer in January of this year. It make me cry still just thinking of him. The hardest part is every thing reminds me of him. I helped care for him round the clock his last 6 months. So i think of him and i see him sick and in pain. What i found helps the best is seeing pics of him healthy and happy. Turns my tears in to smiles. Sorry i can go on about him for ever.

So the fact that i got the puzzle and can see it every day on my walls brings a smile to my face.

my puzzle1

“This is my dad with 3 grand kids and his nephew. He only missing my youngest and my brothers 3”

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“Turtle Invaders” By:Zyrobotics LLC :REVIEW


We all love educational games for our kids. Well here is a new game “Turtle Invaders” By Zyrobotics. Its a new game available on iTunes and Google play. My son played the iTunes version on iPad. It  is a one player game unless they take turns.  How the story of the game goes, The turtles have decided to take over the underwater Aqua world. The fearless Octoremus has decided to fight back!! In order to stop the turtles, Octoremus must ink the turtles, which magically transport them back to their own lair. The turtles, of course, can fight back.


“It has 3 difficulty levels to choose from”

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